Connect for Success (C4S)

  • Connect for Success  

    Kindergarten through fifth grade students at Belleair elementary school are eligible to check out a laptop for home use. These laptops are offered to you at no cost by the PCS Title 1 department to provide equal access to technology, promote student success, and to extend learning outside of the classroom.

    Students can access online educational resources through CLEVER that help improve skills in reading, math, science, and social studies, such as iStation, DreamBox, myON, i-ReadySora, and so much more!



    1. Parent/Guardian must complete C4S paperwork
      1. Paperwork can be found in the front office or your student can also obtain the paperwork from Jennifer Crosley, Library Media Specialist


    1. Parent/Guardian must provide, in person, a government ID (driver’s license, state ID, military ID, or passport) to be copied when they turn-in completed paperwork


    1. Student will be called down to get their computer by Ms. Crosley and she will make sure that they can log-in and connect to WIFI.


                    NOTE: WIFI is not provided by PCS. You can connect to your home WIFI or

                    use the FREE WIFI provided at most restaurants, and public places.


    1. Student MUST return the laptop when requested (in Jaunary, and May) for updates and servicing. The laptop will be returned to the student to bring back home within 1 week (provided that there are no major issues)
      1. Students can keep their laptops over the summer, as well, provided they return them for their May servicing


    For more information about Connect for Success, please contact Tiffani Miller, teacher at