• nths

    NTHS  Chapter at Gibbs HS

    Application Checklist


    APPLICATION DUE DATE: March 3, 2020 by 2:15 PM to Mrs. Tuazon or Mr. Castro



    These are the items needed in your application packet in this order. Points will be deducted if forms are not stapled together in this order ONLY.


    1. _____ NTHS Membership Application

    2. _____ Cover Letter & Resume

    3. _____ Recommendation Letter

    4. _____ Academic References

    5. _____ Contact Information

    6. _____ Media Release Form


    ALL documents should use standard fonts. (Do not use fancy, hard to read fonts.)

    Write legibly and neatly.


    Resume Tips

    Research resume samples online.

    Your resume should exemplify a “well rounded” student, not heavily weighted on one area of discipline.  See separate handout for categories.

    Cover Letter Tips


    Your cover letter has significant weight in your application. The letter will be evaluated in how you are able to portray yourself as a valuable member to the National Honor Society Pacemakers Chapter at Gibbs High School.

    • Research on the internet what a cover letter should look like.

    Please indicate your strength in the following areas:

    • Character as a student and as an individual

      • How do you exemplify your good character?

    • Leadership skills and examples in how you demonstrate this skill

      • Club/society positions

      • Work experience, positions held

    • Service experience

      • Volunteer work

    • Scholarship

      • Academic involvement/what makes you a good student

    Specific examples are recommended. Creative writing skills, proper grammar and spelling is required. Recommended length: 300 words or more. Must be typed, handwritten letters are NOT accepted.

    Letter of Recommendation Tips


    • The letter must come from an individual who knows you well and speak well of you. The letter cannot be written by anyone on campus, must come from an outside of Gibbs HS individual or family member. Good examples: pastor, minister, someone from work, etc.

    • The letter MUST:

      • Be no more than a page

      • Have a signature (if not original, scanned copy of their signature)

      • On a letterhead and/or title of the individual

      • Clearly indicate your relationship

      • Up to date

    • Inform your selected individual ASAP because the letter is due with your packet in one week. Remind them frequently as they may be busy and forget to do this for you.

    • Tip: ask 2 people so one can be a backup.

    Packaging Tips

    • Staple all documents together

    • Do not place them in a binder or folder

    • Place documents in the order provided on page 1

    • Keep them clean

    Media Release


    • Fill out the media release form, get signatures



    Contact Mrs. Tuazon or Mr. Castro

    tuazonj@pcsb.org or castroma@pcsb.org


    Application Packet is due on Tues. : March 3, 2020

    by 2:15pm to Mrs. Tuazon or Mr. Castro

    Applications may be dropped off before or after school or during lunch ONLY.

    No late application accepted. No exceptions.