• Hello and welcome to the Five Day Library Dare!

    I dare you to finish this in 5 days or less!

    There are tasks, virtual scavenger hunts and even a virtual escape room. And prizes, did I mention the prizes?

    Take 5 days, or do them all in one, that's the nice thing about virtual, you can go at your own pace, right? 😉

    If you have not had the chance to meet me, Mrs. Segers, your new librarian just click the yellow box ➜➜➜

     (And if you would like to say hello, or ask me a question, please use the COMMENTS section on the right to send a message directly to me.)

New Librarian

  • Introducing your new School Librarian, *click* on the yellow curtain below...

    Yellow block that new librarian is hiding behind...