• Applied Academics for Adult Learners is a course in which students with vocational intent are enrolled for remediation in math, reading, and language in order to meet state-mandated literacy exit levels for the career/technical program they wish to pursue. Students with scores of 6.0 or higher are eligible, although we do not typically enroll students into Applied Academics until they have completed ABE at the 9.0 level. Students may be enrolled in Applied Academics whether they are currently enrolled in a career/technical program or not, as long as they have vocational intent.

    Applied Academics may also be used for students if they meet all the criteria below:

    1. The student is a high school graduate (standard diploma or GED)
    2. The student has all three TABE scores at 9.0 or higher
    3. The student has vocational intent (plans to enroll in a vocational program at Pinellas Technical College)