• Florida School Standards


    The Florida Department of Education provides Florida Standards news, tools and resources for educators and families. Visit the Florida Department of Education's website: www.fldoe.org

    Standards are simple statements about what students are expected to know or do as a result of what they learn in class.

    Standards ensure that all schools and all classrooms have the same expectations for students. They help to make sure that all children have access to a high-quality education. Without shared standards, differences in expectations between schools or between classrooms could have a negative impact on student outcomes.

    Standards in Florida are the same for all school districts. Families that move to different schools or different districts should find about the same student expectations from school to school.

    A student tutorial for English language arts, mathematics, science, and Civics is available at http://www.floridastudents.org/.

    The term standard is different than the term curriculum.

    While we have the same standards or expectations for student achievement, schools and even classroom in schools can use many different curricula resources to help students learn. Curriculum is a general term that includes all the learning materials and learning strategies used to support student achievement of the standards. While standards are statewide to ensure the same learning expectations, curriculum can be a district, school, or even classroom choice. Good curriculum is very closely aligned to standards.

    You can explore this site for information on standards for every subject and grade for which there is a statewide assessment. You can go to CPALMS to see standards for all subjects.

    Be sure to ask your teachers and your school officials about how the curriculum of your schools relates to the standards your students will be striving to achieve.

    Great question for your student's teachers:
    How well do your curriculum and your daily activities align to the standards for this class?


    Other Resources and Links for Parents

    National PTA
    These guides, available in English and Spanish, explain changes in standards for

    English language arts (ELA) and Mathematics. Guides are available for students

    in kindergarten through eighth grade and for students in high school. (These guides

    are for Common Core, which are the Florida Standards with just a

     few modifications.)  Guide to Student Success