• Good evening Patriots, this is Brett Patterson Principal of Pinellas Park High School.  I have several important items for you to be aware of, and as always you can visit the PPHS website to ensure you have the most up to date information.

    If you are a MyPCS student and need a device, we have two opportunities to check out a computer.  Tomorrow, August 20 from 10-2 and Friday, August 21st from 11-3.  The checkout station is located at the west end of the building, behind the auditorium.

    For all students, we have a block schedule this year.  You can find the schedule on our website under the “about us” section.

    For all students, lunch is at the end of the day and all students are permitted to leave campus at 1:25pm. 

    For all students, your first day begins at 7:25am in 1st period.  If you are a MyPCS student you will log into Canvas, through Clever to access your course.  Be sure to check your schedule in Focus as one will not be provided for you.

    Please continue to monitor the PPHS website for updates.

    Thank you and have a great Patriot evening.

    Brett Patterson