• Chess Club 2021-2022

    Countryside High School will have informal meetings for friendly matches on Tuesdays and Thursdays after school in room A6. We will also be forming one or two teams of 4 students each to participate in the inaugural Pinellas Chess League.

    Mission:  The mission of the Pinellas Chess League (PCL) is to promote personal growth and enrichment by providing a safe and friendly environment where Pinellas County students can interact with peers in order to foster friendships and improve their chess skills, social skills, and problem-solving skills. 

    Scope for 2021-22:  The idea is that all matches will be between 4-player teams while allowing others to play informally at the same time.  Whether face to face (FTF) or virtual, all games will be on chess.com and will be chess.com rated, which eliminates the need for tournament directors or writing games.  Even for virtual matches, however, each 4-player team will be with a responsible adult at one physical location, e.g., their school’s library, mainly to reduce the possibility of cheating.  School-v-school matches Nov – Feb; tournament in March.  Schools could include private schools & homeschool cooperatives.  Each club may field one or two teams; each team will consist of 4 players, at least two of which are from that school.  This first year is experimental, with this document subject to change as needed.  Timeline: Draft a plan in March; ask interested parties to review plan in April & state if they plan to participate; schedule matches in July/Aug/Sep; issue schedule by end of Sep; begin play in early Nov 2021.

    If you are interested in playing friendly matches or joining the competition team for Pinellas Chess League, then stop by room A6 and speak with Mr. Mills.

    Fill out and return the bottom portion if you would like to join the teams for Pinellas Chess League.


    Parent/guardian Approval for Chess League Participation 

    I, __________________, (circle one) parent / guardian of ____________________, hereby approve my child’s participation in the 2021-22 Pinellas Chess League.  My child and I both understand that a grade point average (GPA) of 2.0 or better is a requirement for participation.  We also understand that, like any sports team, participation in this league involves not only a commitment to do well in classes, but also a commitment to read the league rules and attend team practices, home matches, and away matches for the duration of the season. 


    If your child has any allergies, disabilities, etc., please describe them here:  _________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________ 

    parent /guardian signature: ________________________________________ date: ___________________

    student name (Print):_____________________________________________________________________

    student signature:________________________________________________________________________

    parent/guardian phone number:_____________________ student phone number:_____________________

    parent/guardian email:____________________________________________________________________

    student email:___________________________________________________________________