Principal's Message




    Our Scholars have done an amazing job keeping their masks on throughout the day as required.  Thank you!  Masks must cover both the mouth and nose completely and fit snugly against the sides of the person’s face with little or no gaps. Face coverings must be made of solid material, and not lace, mesh, crocheted, made of other largely porous material or have exhalation valves or vents that allow air to be exhaled through a hole in the material.


    Contact Information

    Stay informed. Update your contact information.
    Ensure that you have the correct contact information on file to stay informed about what’s occurring at your child’s school and in the district. Parents and guardians can receive phone calls, as well as opt in for emails and text messages.  Get updated at

    Change Phone/Email Contact Information
    The school district needs accurate contact information to send parents phone calls and emails about:
    -Emergencies or severe weather.
    -School or district events.
    -Special application opportunities.
    To update your phone and email address:
    -Visit and log in with your parent username and password. If you do not have a parent ID or forgot yours, you can get help at any public school. ---Make sure to present a valid photo ID.
    -Select the option: “Change Phone and Email Address Only”
    -Enter your child’s name and date of birth or student ID number, and update your phone number and email address.

    Requests to Change Scholar Learning Option

    In order to assist families who are requesting a change in scholar learning options and maintain the wellness mitigation efforts outlined in the Pinellas County Schools ReOpening Plan, the district has established the following guidelines for processing such requests.

    At this time, no changes to a scholar’s learning option will be considered until after the 10-day count (Monday, September 14) to ensure face-to-face and MyPCS Online class size expectations.

    1. Families can submit a request for a change of learning option via an online form that will be available at The form will be available to families on Monday, August 31.
    2. After the ten-day count, principals will assess pending requests and the impacts to face-to-face class sizes to confirm the feasibility for honoring any requests.


    Our top priority is ensuring that each scholar has an appropriate digital or face to face schedule. At this time, we are not making any schedule changes.  Once school begins, our priority will be ensuring we are in compliance with our new class size requirements to ensure our scholars and staff are safe.  Beginning August 24th, you may submit a schedule change request form to your child’s respective guidance counselor via email by September 4th.   The Schedule Change Form will be found on the school website Monday.  Schedule change requests received by September 4th will be reviewed in order of priority and if the schedule change is feasible, while still adhering to our school safety guidelines, we will work to honor to request.   Please note that submitting a schedule change request does not guarantee a schedule change. Thank you for your understanding and support as we make our priority the safety of all children and teachers on our campus


    Once again, thank you so much for trusting your scholar with us. We look forward to seeing them online or face to face bright and early tomorrow morning.  Have a magnificent week.