• Parent information for 2020/2021 school year


    COVID-19 Family Protocols  2020-21

    PURPOSE: To have a plan for daily COVID-19 school operations. To be reassessed frequently (minimum of every 9 weeks).


    To educate and prepare each student for college, career and life.

    100% Student Success


    To provide a caring and success-oriented learning environment that enable each child to become a respectful, responsible and motivated lifetime learner through a collaborative effort among students, staff, parents and the community.

    Student Arrival


    • All students must have their mask on when they arrive on campus at the bus circle, car circle and walking/bike cage.
    • Only school staff should be on campus. Parents, volunteers, or mentors are not permitted on campus during arrival.
    • Students should not be on campus before 7:05 unless they are enrolled in R’Club on campus. It is imperative that all families respect this request.
    • All adults MUST stay in their car while dropping off students. They are not allowed to walk their child to the classroom.
    • There are no safety patrols for the first semester.
    • Tardy students will need to be brought into the office by an adult.

    Where do students get dropped off in the mornings?

    Designated areas:

    • PreK – car circle and will sit in designated car circle area with adults (inclement weather will move the designated area to inside the K pod).
    • Car riders – car circle (be sure to go to the end of 102nd and make the loop so you make a right hand turn into the car circle).
    • Walkers- parents stop at the bike cage and students proceed on their own to the patio
    • Bus riders- Bus Circle – Medical Behavior Assistants (MBA) will need to walk any Pre-K or students needing assistance to class before taking their break due to no safety patrols allowed at this time.
    • Bike riders- parents stop at the bike cage and students proceed on their own to the patio after putting bike in the bike cage.

    Where do the students go for breakfast?

    R’Club- Students will be dropped off and checked in by R’Club staff outside the Cafeteria (in the bus circle) until 7:05  R’Club students will start eating breakfast in the cafeteria at 7:05.

    Pre-K- VPK teachers or Vision Assistant will sign in VPK students at the car circle and direct them to sit in the designated area of the car circle.   At 7:35, VPK teachers will walk VPK students to cafeteria for breakfast.   Any Pre-K 3 or DHH Pre-K students will be dropped off at the car circle and an adult will walk them to class.  Pre-K 3 and DHH Pre-K students will be eating in their classroom.

    K – 5th grade - All students may go to the cafeteria to receive breakfast through the serving line.  Students should sit in designated spots in the cafeteria, eat breakfast and then go to their classroom.

    What time are students allowed on campus?

    • 7:05 am.

     What if students arrive at school prior to 7:05 a.m.?

    • Students who are observed arriving at school prior to 7:05 a.m. will be reminded of this expectation and provided with additional resources, if needed.

    Will students get breakfast if they are tardy?

    • Yes, students will receive a “Grab and Go” breakfast to take immediately to the classroom. This will only be provided until 7:45.

    What will supervision look like?

    • All classroom teachers will be ready for students to enter the classroom at 7:05 or after they finish breakfast.
    • Other adults will be supervising in the main walkways, cafeteria, patio, bike cage, bus circle and car circle


    Transitions and Recess

    Recess Guidelines:

    Students should use recess as time to get fresh air, experience a mask break and maintain social distancing while having their recess time. Students will have lanyards for their masks and should maintain wearing their lanyards while at recess. Teachers are expected to teach and provide guidelines for personal space during recess. It is imperative that all teachers monitor their students.  Recess may be held inside or outside and is a time for students to have unstructured choice time.

    Do our students need to walk in a line with 6 ft. apart from each other?

    • Students should walk in line 6 feet apart as best that can be accomplished.
    • Signage will be present in hallways to support social distancing and students will be taught these expectations by classroom teachers.
    • Teachers should designate a line leader and train them to lead the class while the classroom teacher walks at the end of the line to monitor that social distancing is being met.
    • Students must wear a mask during all transition times.

    Teach WALK acronym:

    W: Wear your Mask

    A: Attend to Self

    L: Look and Listen

    K: Keep 6 feet Apart

    Are hallways only one-way?

    • No, however students will follow the designated arrows and signs when walking in the hallways.  
    • Surrounding will be monitored to ensure there are no large gatherings of students standing or waiting in the hallways.

    Do students need to social distance while outside playing at Recess and/or P.E.?

    • To the greatest extent possible.
    • High-contact activities are reduced/eliminated.
    • Focus should be more on individualized breaks.

    Can teachers go outside with their students during instructional blocks to work?

    • Yes, being in the outdoors can help relieve stress and allow students to spread out more than in the classroom and allow time to take a mask break.
    • Classes working outside will be respectful of surrounding classes.
    • Teachers will notify the front office if their class is working outside and the location

    Can students and/or classes go to the Media Center to check out books?

    • At this time Mr. Wirth and CBE Administrators are working on a plan to support checking out books to support literacy.



    Do students eat in the cafeteria?

    • All K – 5th grade classes will eat in the cafeteria.
    • Cafeteria is set up with all students facing toward the stage.
    • Students must sit on the designated spots on the benches to maintain social distancing.
    • Student will wear masks when they are in the cafeteria unless they are actively eating or drinking.
    • Students will have assigned seats

    Will students stand in line to get their lunches in the cafeteria? How will they be able to social distance?

    • Yes, students will have to stand on designated dots when entering the cafeteria.
    • Each teacher will have an assigned area/tables for lunch.
    • Teachers will walk their students to cafeteria and ensure they are on the dots in line.
    • Teachers will pick up their students from their assigned area  


    Student Dismissal

    How will students be dismissed?

    • There will be a staggered dismissal process to ensure social distancing and limit foot traffic through the hallways.
    • Once teachers have brought their car riders to their designated location, they can leave that area since we will have other staff on duty.
    • Only school staff should be on campus. Parents, volunteers, or mentors are not permitted on campus during dismissal.
    • 1:40 p.m.- All MBA’s will take their students to the buses.
    • 1:45 p.m.- All Pre-K – 5th grade bus riders and R’Club are dismissed. Pre-K teachers will walk their students to the car circle and stay with them to sign them out when they get in their cars.  R’Club students will go to Building 4 (Deaf Ed) to check in.
    • 1:47 p.m. – All walker and bike riders and 2nd row of buses will be dismissed. Building 12 will be dismissed.  All teachers in Building 12 will walk with their students to the car circle and release their walkers and bike riders when they get to the patio.  They will leave their 2nd row bus riders on the patio with the adult on duty. 
    • 1:49 p.m. – Teachers in Building 2 and 4 will walk their car riders into the cafeteria, using the North door (café exit door) and Teachers in Building 1 will walk their car riders into the cafeteria, using the South door (café entrance door)


    Campus Resources

    Where can students and staff access water?

    A water bottle filling station is located in the cafeteria.

    Students will be able to access water in their classrooms at the sink.  They can fill their own water bottle at the sink.  If a student does not have a water bottle, they can use the small cups (provided by the school) in their classroom.  PE will have a cooler with small cups (provided by the school) for students who do not have a water bottle with them at PE.

    Where can students and staff access hand washing stations?

    We have installed 10 Hand Soap Stations. We will add more when additional shipments are ordered.

    1. Front office entrance
    2. Clinic entrance
    3. Building 1 – outside Teacher Workroom
    4. Building 1 – across from the School Counselor Office
    5. Building 2 – outside boys restroom
    6. Building 4 – at the entrance
    7. K-Pod – at the entrance
    8. Building 12 – outside on the pole marked 12 on main walkway
    9. Cafeteria – to the right of the water bottle filler station
    10. Media Center – next to the student restroom entrance