• PHUHS Investment Club



    Who are we?

    The Palm Harbor University High School Investment Club aims to enable all students to achieve financial independence by learning the investing & personal finance skills needed for their futures. No previous knowledge of investing is required, all content will be taught at weekly meetings.


    Join us to:

    • Learn about the stock market and investing (Stocks, Bonds, Options, Day Trading, Technical Analysis)
    • Prepare yourself for the future through Personal Finance Workshops (Taxes, Loans, Mortgages, 401k)
    • Listen to guest speakers from the financial industry (Investment Banking, Private Equity, Venture Capital)
    • Compete in Simulation Investment Competitions (PHUHS, SIFMA, Wharton Stock Market Game)


    Meeting Information

    • Day: Occurs every Monday virtually
    • Time: 2:30 PM - 3:00 PM
    • During meetings we will have lessons, discussions, games, and interactive activities.


    Join PHUHS Investment Club

    • Join the teams channel to attend meetings and see content through this url: tinyurl.com/investingteams
    • Instagram: @phuinvests (We post stock related content)


    Compete in the PHUHS Stock Market Game

    • Create an Investopedia account at https://www.investopedia.com/simulator/
    • Once you have created account go to: tinyurl.com/joinphugame
    • Click on more games under public games
    • Under keyword search "PHUHS" 
    • You should see PHUHS Stock Market Game in the game options
    • Click Join
    • You are now ready to start investing!


    PHUHS Investment Team Board

    • Founder & President – Vaarun Ramanathan
    • Vice President – Lucas Mckamey
    • Vice President – Luke Gallivan
    • Secretary – Krish Asknani
    • Reporter – Hayden McEwan


    Sponsor: David MacFarlane - macfarlaned@pcsb.org