Science Summer Camp

  • A commitment to science education is Bauder's attractor. All 2nd-5th grade students receive a weekly hands-on science lesson with classroom follow up. Kindergarten and first grade students also experience bi-monthly exposure to hands-on science. A science emphasis in teacher resources, books, software and materials is a priority. In addition, students have the opportunity to attend our summer science camp. This fee based camp will be held for 4 days in July for 100 students. The fee for camp is $125 and all fees go to support science and technology during the school year.

    Bauder puts on an annual Science Expo. In addition to over 200 science fair projects being displayed, we will partner with science based businesses to provide an exciting evening of science for our students and parents. Dinner and snacks are also available.

    Bauder is proud of the academic achievement of our students with test scores consistently above state and district averages. Students being responsible for their learning is an expectation at Bauder. Setting academic goals and measuring their success is a way of life for our students.

    In addition, our parent involvement in the classroom and financial support is a big reason Bauder has maintained a reputation of excellence for more than 25 years. Parents can be found volunteering on field trips, working in the classroom and providing generous financial support to help their children be successful.