Welcome to Sunset Hills Virtual Open House Website



    Sunset Hills is utilizing TEAMS to host our 2020-21 Virtual Open House.  Prior to Thursday, October 15, please ensure you have your child's/children's PCSB usernames and passwords and know how to access TEAMS via Clever.  On Thursday, October 15,  revisit this page to obtain the TEAMS Join Codes for your child's/children's Open House Session.  Each teacher or grade level team will host either a LIVE TEAMS meeting or post resources for you to puruse at your own pace on their TEAMS channel.  Instructions for accessing TEAMS are linked below. 


    You will NOT need the TEAM Join Code, in the event your child's teacher already manually added your child to their Open House TEAMS site.  In this case, please disregard the Join Code step.


    NOTE: Some teachers may use an alternate format to the TEAMS format.  Please reach out to your child's teacher to ensure you know how to access your Open House session 



    • You will need each of your children's PCSB Usernames and Passwords to Join each class or grade level's TEAMS Open House Site

    • You MUST access TEAMS either through Clever or the TEAMS APP (sign in with your child's R2.D2 username in this format (r2.d2@pcsb.org)

    • Use the provided JOIN CODE (to be posted on Thurday, Ocotber 15) to access each TEAM site for your child/children (DO NOT FOLLOW THIS STEP IF TEACHER ALREADY ADDED YOUR CHILD TO THE TEAMS SITE)

    • Visual Directions are provided HERE



    View Art and Music Videos Below (Click Links- activated on Thursday, Oct. 15)




    Ms. Holmes - MUSIC

    Ms. Hill - ART




    Revisit this site on Thursday, October 15 to access the TEAMS meeting JOIN CODE.  Open House officially starts at 6:00pm.  Please note:  Not all teachers are hosting LIVE Open House Meetings.  Some will post resources and provide a Q&A area.  Teachers will identify on the TEAMS GENERAL Page whether or not they are hosting a LIVE meeting and what time it will start.


    VPK/ PPK

    Teacher JOIN CODE
    Lamonthe/ Dowdy Contact teacher for directions
    Manglis/Yocum Contact teacher for directions
    D. Andropoulos Contact teacher for directions





    Teacher JOIN CODE
    Biama Contact tacher for directions
    Vinson Contact tacher for directions
    Flannery Contact teacher for directions
    Kotsironis Contact teacher for directions
    Gonzalez Go to Canvas Calendar



    Teacher JOIN CODE
    Harris Contact tacher for directions
    S. Andropoulos Contact tacher for directions
    Potter Contact tacher for directions
    Wahl Contact teacher for directions
    Taylor Contact teacher for directions







     Teacher JOIN CODE
    Collier Contact tacher for directions
    McLendon Contact tacher for directions
    Delaportas Contact tacher for directions
    Hume-Marston Contact teacher for directions








    Teacher JOIN CODE
    Traber Contact teacher for directions 
    Wilson Cosme Contact teacher for directions 
    Gomez Contact teacher for directions 
    Spataro Contact teacher for directions 




    Teacher JOIN CODE
    Moore Contact tacher for directions
    Giangregorio Contact tacher for directions
    Prive Contact tacher for directions





    Teacher JOIN CODE
    Tsalickis Contact tacher for directions
    Zimmermann Contact tacher for directions
    Bone Contact teacher for directions
    Craig Contact tacher for directions