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    Parents can decide which learning option they want for their child. Students can attend school in person or virtually via MyPCS Online. Below is the process for changing your child’s learning option.


    Second semester begins on Wednesday, January 20th. Parents may request a change for second semester from/to face-to-face learning and from/to MyPCS Online. Parents should be aware that changing Learning Options may result in a change of teachers and/or instructional model.

    Potential Instructional Models Include:

    1. Simultaneous instruction (teacher has students face to face and virtually at the same time throughout the school day).
    2. Full Virtual (MyPCS Online) – Student remains a student at Leila Davis
    3. Traditional Face 2 Face  -  Student attends classes on campus


    To submit your request:

    • Complete the Request for Learning Option Form by 11:59PM on January 3rd in order for our team to makes necessary schedule changes for the beginning of second semester which begins on January 20th.  Click link below to submit a request to change learning option


    If you have additional questions, please contact the school during regular business hours.

    William D. Durst


    Leila G. Davis Elementary