• Hello Eagle Families,


    This school year has been unlike any other in memory with many twists and turns. We know many families have found learning options which work for their student(s) and others that do not.  In order to make sure the second semester starts with as few hiccups as possible, we are requesting families to complete the online form below indicating a desire to switch. 

    If you are satisfied with your current learning option, you DO NOT need to complete the online form. 


    Some important notes

    - Changes in learning option are not automatic. Considerations are given to regular attendance, academic success, enrollment in virtual coursework etc.

    - Changes will not occur during the week. They will be processed on Fridays and effective on Mondays to allow teachers to prepare for the change, as well as for FOCUS and Canvas to synchronize data allowing for minimal disruption in student learning.

    - Moving from Face-to-face to MyPCS Online or MyPCS Online to Face-to-Face may necessitate a change in schedule as well as instructor for a particular course to comply with enrollment numbers, social distancing considerations, as well as student schedule requests.

    - Students enrolled in MyPCS Online and who do not demonstrate satisfactory attendance and academic success may be transferred back to Face-to-Face instruction per executive order from Gov. Desantis.