• Clubs 2021-2022
    Brooke Tri-M Music Honor Society 2nd Wed per month 8:50-9:35AM 1-201
    Brooke Tri-M Music Honor Society 4th Tue per month 4:20-5:00PM 1-201
    Porter SAVE/Student Council Friday 8:45-9:20AM 7-102
    Leclerc Battle of the Books Tuesday 4:20-5:20PM 5-103
    Paschopoulos Intramurals Friday 8:00-9:00AM Field
    Scharaldi Garden Club Wednesday 4:20-5:20PM 5-106
    Tauchnitz FBLA Monday 4:20-5:20PM 4-119
    Akers Visual Arts club Thursday 4:20-5:20PM 4-122
    Bersch Christian Club Friday 8:45-9:20AM 5-102
    Duff Yearbook     4-207
    Sheehy LEGO Masters Wed (1st & 2nd of month) 4:20-5:20PM Media Center
    Capri Chess Club Wednesday 8:15-8:45AM 4-124
    Brooke NJHS 2nd Mon per month (starting 10/11/21) 4:20-5:00PM 1-201
    ELP Program 2021-2022
    Pre-AP WH & HUG/NHD Wednesday Rosin 4:20-5:20PM Media Center
    Civics Thursday Paschopoulos 4:20-5:20PM 5-209
    Reading TU/TR Herrmann 4:20-5:20PM 5-102
    Math  Wednesday Gregory 8:00-8:45AM 5-104
    Math  Thursday Steullet 8:20-8:50AM 5-210
    Math  Thursday Ehlers 8:05-8:50AM 5-112
    Math  Monday Myers 4:20-5:20PM 4-219
    Math Alg/Geo Thursday  Burkhart 8:20-8:50AM 4-205
    Math Alg/Geo Thursday Burkhart 4:20-5:20PM 4-205
    Math  Wednesday Ehlers 8:05-8:50PM 5-112
    Math  Wednesday Myers 4:20-5:20PM 4-219
    Math Tuesday Sprecher 4:20-5:20PM 5-220
    Math  Thursday Steullet 4:20-5:20PM 5-210
    Science Thursday Berendt 4:20-5:20PM 4-209
    Open Computer Lab Wednesday Tanchinitz 8:00-8:45AM 4-119
    Open Computer Lab Thursday C.Smith 4:20-5:20PM 4-117
    Solo/Ensemble(Band/Orch.) Thursday Krawczynski 4:20-5:20PM 1-213


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