• GAC or Goals and Accountability Club


    Open to all students:  in person and online.

    PHUHS has a new club starting MONDAY.  It will be open to all students:  in-person and online.

    This club will be run by students and will serve to help us all in the struggles of making students more accountable to turning in their assignments. It will also help those who keep up with their assignments excel in their classes by providing different studying techniques, and help them balance their time in and out of school. Additionally, it will serve to help students grow outside of school and to set personal goals while keeping them accountable to achieve them.

    Students will receive a log to track their weekly assignments.  They will meet weekly to discuss various study techniques and ways to stay productive and will be given the opportunity to practice the techniques with time to do homework or studying after each lesson until 2:30 pm. Students will learn to balance their schoolwork, personal lives, Interests, and leisure time.

    The students online can upload their logs to the TEAM.  Students in person will submit their logs in person.   

    Students will earn points for their completed tasks and be rewarded with various prizes for most points earned.


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