• Battle of the Books Information

    Are you up for a challenge? In order to participate in the Battle of the Books you must read 12 of the 15 Pinellas County selected books from the Sunshine State Young Reader Award Books (also called “Battle Books”) and pass the Reading Counts for those books. Then you qualify to take the District Battle test (usually 45 questions). From there participants will be chosen based upon their RC scores and the test scores. Questions are Jeopardy style, the answers are always the title of the book or the author of the book. A list of the books is provided below.

    School Test: TBD- usually February

    School Battle: TBD- usually March

    Regional Battle: TBA (last year May 14th)

    Lunch Bunch Participants:

    If you have attended 4 out of 6 of the Lunch Bunches you can be an audience member for the School Battle, usually in March. You will receive a permission form for your parents to give the final approval to observe the School Battle and miss class.

    Questions? Please see Mrs. Rudisill.