Weekly Castle Scroll

  • Week of June 7, 2021


    Good Afternoon Knight Families,


    This is your Principal, Heidi Bockover calling to welcome you to the week of June 7th.


    Congratulations!  We made it to the last week of the 2020-21 School Year!  We want to wish all our fifth graders good luck as they leave North Shore Elementary and head off to Middle School!  


    As we start our last week of the school year, we have lots of information to share with you.  


    I want to start off by saying a special thank you to Mrs. Taylor Ward and our all of our North Shore volunteers and mentors!  Despite the challenges of this school year, we have logged 120 mentor hours and 453 volunteer hours!  This is amazing!    ​As you know, we are excitedly planning a more “normal” 2021-22 school year.  If you are not already a Level II volunteer, please contact Mrs. Ward (wardtay@pcsb.org) to get the process started. 


    If your child will be attending Summer Bridge at North Shore, they will be bringing home important information on Monday if they are eligible for transportation.  Please check their backpacks!  In addition, just a reminder that our Summer Bridge students do not need to wear uniforms!  


    Summer Break is a great time to get those back to school physicals/immunizations taken care of.  Please see attached flyer regarding no cost back to school physicals/immunizations for students. Back to School Clinics.pdf 


    The annual stakeholder survey closes on Friday, June 11th!  This is your opportunity to have your voice heard! Information about the survey is available on our school and district websites.  www.pcsb.org/survey.


    This week, we found a black and grey pedometer in the small staff parking lot near the walker’s gate.  It looks like it may have come off a bike.  If you are missing one, please contact our front office. 


    We have had an increased number of students bringing toys, pop-its and stuffed animals to school.  These items are distracting to the learning environment and we have seen an increased number of hurt feelings happen revolving around these toys.  Please make sure that your child is leaving all toys at home.  


    Parents, it is time to review our 2021-22 Title I Parent and Family Engagement Plan and our Title I Compact.  Please review the attachments and then use the link to approve and/or provide additional input.  The link will be active through June 8th.  

     2021-2022 PFEP North Shore Elementary.pdf   

    2021-22 Title I Compact.pdf 



    If your child brought in uniforms for our “Swap Shop” they may dress down this week.    As a reminder, students not wearing our NS Uniforms must follow Pinellas County School Dress Code.


    The YMCA will be getting a new phone number. The new line will go live on 6/7/2021.  Northshore YMCA Phone Number- 727-502-0372.


    Monday, June 7th will be the last day for students to bring backpacks to school.  


    As we near the end of the year, if your child checked out a computer or hotspot this year, please plan on returning it to Ms. Gramlich this week.  We need to have all computers returned and inventoried by June 9th.   


    As a reminder, June 9th is an early release day and all students will be dismissed at 12:55 pm to begin their summer vacation!


    Please watch for my email to follow with any links or attachments mentioned in this call.   If you are not getting a email following this call, please contact our front office to update your information in FOCUS.  We don't want you to miss important information. 


    That’s it for now!   Thank you for all you do to support our “castle full of extraordinary Knights”!     
    As always, please contact either Ms. Stewart (stewartam@pcsb.org) or myself (bockovergoldsteinh@pcsb.org) if you have any questions, concerns or great news to share!  We love to hear from you!