School Counselor

  • Ms. Lofton is the School Counselor at Melrose Elementary

    Welcome Manatees! I am your school counselor,  Ms. Lofton. I graduated from Capella University with a MS in School Counseling and a Licensed Professional School Counselor in Georgia and Florida.

    Even though I have an array of counseling experiences, working in the school setting is by far my favourite. I believe every student is a gift with strengths, and I love assisting students in the discovery of their personal strengths and overcoming obstacles along the way.

    What is a School Counselor?

    A School Counselor is a support person that students can talk to when they are faced with a difficult situation.  A child may need to speak individually with a counselor if he/she is angry, stressed, sad, have a conflict, etc.  School Counselors are not advice givers nor can they erase a student's problems. However, counselors assist in empowering and teaching students the skills to cope with challenging situations. 


    As a School Counselor, I perform the following roles in order to promote positive development in academic, career, and personal/social domains:

    • Individual counseling
    • Small group counseling
    • Classroom guidance (i.e. Large group counseling)
    • Attend and participate in PLCs
    • Administer state assessments as needed
    • Observe students in various school environments
    • Consult and collaborate with parents, teachers, administrators, social workers, and students
    • Respond to school crises or emergency situations
    • Provide information and resources to parents on a variety of issues
    • Serve as a member of the MTSS team



    What a student shares with a counselor is confidential unless he/she:

    • Gives permission for the information to be shared.
    • If the child reports abuse or neglect.
    • If the child shares current harm to him/herself.
    • If the child shares plans to hurt himself/herself.
    • If the child shares that he/she is or plans to hurt others.  
    • A court order mandates a breach in confidentiality.


    If you believe your student could benefit from meeting with me individually, please feel free to contact me.

    Erin Lofton,

    Office Hours

    *If contact is made outside of office hours, please note follow up will be made the next school day


    Make an appointment to meet with Ms. Lofton


    Counseling Services

    I work with all students in the school in many ways. At various times, all students could benefit from the opportunity to learn and practice new skills in a safe, positive setting – whether it be individual, small group, or classroom.

    Individual Counseling

    Referrals to the Counselor may be made by the child, parent, or teacher. Individual counseling is generally brief and focused specifically on challenges that impede students’ well-being or performance at school on a short-term, as-needed basis. Topics that might be discussed include:

    • Peer interactions (Difficulty making, keeping, or getting along with peers & friends)

    • Decision making (Making poor or impulsive choices; how to consider options and make good decisions)

    • Family changes (Transitions and loss through death, divorce, and separation, blended families, new home/school, illness)

    • Classroom and school related problems (Shy, aggressive or attention-seeking behavior, motivational issues, daydreaming, test anxiety, poor organization/study habits) If a student would best be served by long-term and/or in-depth counseling, I’m able to assist parent(s)/guardian(s) with finding professional care outside of school that meets these needs.

    Small Group Counseling

    The Counselor meets with small groups of students who may have similar concerns or needs, such as:

    • Conflict or Anger Management

    • Self-esteem

    • Study Skills

    • Peer interactions/social skills

    • Resiliency

    *Parents must consent to small-group counseling prior to any groups meeting. I work with teachers to coordinate best times that minimize loss of instructional time*

    Classroom Lessons

    Topics may include:

    • Social skills & friendship

    • Managing feelings

    • Self-esteem

    • Conflict resolution

    • Stress management

    • Academic performance

    • Organization

    • Career awareness – Cluster activities

    • Personal safety

    • Positive Body Image

    *Teachers may request lessons that best support their classroom*

    The Referral Process

    Students may:

    • Self-referral by completing a student self-referral form.

    *Students may place these self-referrals in my mailbox via their teacher.

    • Students may also be referred by a teacher, administrator, or parent