• Dual Language Immersion Program

    Dual Language is a form of bilingual education in which students are taught literacy and content in two different languages.  At Ponce de Leon Elementary, curriculum concepts are taught in English and Spanish.  Native English speakers, native Spanish speakers, and emergent bilingual children learn together throughout the day.  The goal of this progam is to develop bilingulism and biliteracy, as well as increase academic achievement and fluency in both languages.  

    In this program students receive 50% of their core instruction in English and 50% in Spanish in grades kindergarten and first.  English Language Arts (Reading and Writing) are taught in English by one teacher.  Students receive mathematics and science instruction in Spanish by a fluent Spanish speaking teacher.

    Our dual language program uses content resources provided by Pinellas County School District to teacher the Florida B.E.S.T. standards.  This ensures that students in the dual language program receive exposure to the same grade level curriculum and resources as their peers.

    Classroom Composition:

    The classroom consists of a balance of native English speakers and developing bilingual spearkers.

    Students learn through immersion in the classroom language.  Teachers do not translate classroom content and lessons are not repeated in the other language.  Teachers use a variety of techniques to support language learners.

    Social Benefits:

    The dual language immersion environment embraces diversity and bilingualism.

    It enourages all students to maintain a strong connection to their heritage and culture.

    Cognitive Benefits:

    Native Spanish speakers are able to improve and maintian their Spanish while learning English.

    English speakers can take advantage of the opportunity to learn a second language at an early age, while making them more likely to achieve native-like fluency.

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    Family Commitment:

    Parents and students should be committed to the program from Kindergarten thrugh 5th grade.  Full language proficiency typically takes at least 5-7 years to develop.


    Are you interested in our Dual Language Program?  Here's how to register.

    Contact the school for a copy of the Dual Language Program application at 588-3573.  Complete your application as soon as possible and return it to the school.  Families will be contacted if your child is selected for the program.