• 2023 AP Exam Schedule & Testing Sites - update 12/12/22  

    Week One: May 1st – May 5th

    Week Two: May 9th – May 13th

    Late Testing (Specified Students Only)

    Monday, May 1 (~3h 25m)

    Morning, US Gov’t & Pol. @ CHS

    Monday, May 8 (~3h 50m)

    Morning, Calc AB/BC @ CHS

    *Specific students to be informed

    Monday, May 1 (~3h 40m)

    Afternoon, Chemistry @ CHS

    Monday, May 8 (~2h 10m)

    Afternoon, Comp Principles @ CHS

    Friday, May 19 (PM Sessions @ CHS)

    European History & Seminar

    Monday, May 1 (~3h 25m)

    Afternoon, Spanish Lit & Culture @ CHS

    Tuesday, May 9 (~3h 35m)

    Morning, Eng. Lang. & Comp @ BCC


    Tuesday, May 2 (~3h 20m)

    Morning, Environmental Sci @ CHS

    Tuesday, May 9 (~1h 45m)

    Afternoon, Physics C: M  @ BCC


    Tuesday, May 2 (~2h 25m)

    Afternoon, Psychology @ CHS

    Tuesday, May 9 (~1h 45m)

    Afternoon (2p), Physics C: EM @ BCC


    Wednesday, May 3 (~3h 25m)

    Morning, Eng. Lit & Comp @ CHS

    Wednesday, May 10 (~3h 40m)

    Morning, Span. Lang. & Culture @ CHS


    Thursday, May 4 (~2h 40m)

    Morning, Human Geography @ BCC

    Wednesday, May 10 (~3h 25m)

    Afternoon, Biology @ CHS

    April 24thSeminar, Research, CSP Tasks and/or Paper due by 11:59p (PCS deadline)

    April 28th – Art Digital & Physical portfolios are due by 11:59p (CHS early deadline)

    Thursday, May 4 (~2h 35m)

    Morning, Macroeconomics @ BCC

    Thursday, May 11 (~3h 10m)

    Morning, French Lang. & Culture @ CHS

    Thursday, May 4 (~2h 5m)

    Afternoon, Seminar @ BCC

    Thursday, May 11 (~3h 45m)

    Morning, World History @ BCC

    Thursday, May 4 (~3h 25m)

    Afternoon, Statistics @ BCC

    Friday, May 12 (~3h 5m)

    Morning, Music Theory @ CHS

    Friday, May 5 (~3h 45m)

    Morning, European History @BCC

    Friday, May 5 (~3h 45m)

    Morning, US History @ BCC

    Friday, May 5 (~2h 35m)

    Afternoon, Microeconomics @ BCC


    Note: Students eligible for accommodations are tested at the same location in a different room with extended testing times (as approved). Students in courses without an AP exam have been instructed by their teacher on what to do. If you have back-to-back exams, bring a snack.

    Testing Locations & Start Times

    • Bayside Community Church, 3380 FL-580, Safety Harbor, FL 34695 (.9 miles from CHS)
    • Countryside High School (CHS), 3000 FL-580, Clearwater, FL 33761
    • Morning Sessions-Students need to be at the testing location by 7:15a to start reading instructions at 7:30a
    • Afternoon Sessions-Students need to be at the testing location by 11:25a to start at noon
    • Afternoon AP Physics C: EM-Students need to arrive by 1:30p to start reading instructions


    If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact Ms. Harris (harrisjul@pcsb.org) and/or Ms. Alexander (Alexanderlo@pcsb.org). Additional information can also be accessed at www.collegeboard.com.