Fast Facts for Parents

  • Student Hours
    K-5th grade: 8:45 AM- 2:55 PM
    PPK, Blended PreK and ASD PreK hours: 8:25 AM -2:30 PM
    VPK hours: 8:45 AM -2:45 PM  
    VPK options include morning or full day.  See or call Mrs. Kelly (DMT) for details. Call 727-724-1589 and ask to speak to Mrs. Kelly.

    Breakfast starts for K-5th grade at 8:15 AM, must drop off at front car circle only (Tampa Road).
    Breakfast ends promptly at 8:40 AM.
    VPK students eat breakfast in the classroom.
    Meal plans: Breakfast is free. There is a $2.25 charge for lunch. Students in all Pinellas County Schools are able to apply for free and reduced lunch meal benefits online. Online application for free meal benefits is available at  Meal account information including the prepaid account can be found on the district website.

    Bus Circle & Car Circle Procedures:
    Kindergarten – 5th grade Arrival: In the morning, you may drop your children off no earlier than 8:15 AM using the Tampa Road entrance only. Students will be directed to the cafeteria for breakfast then to their classrooms. Those who eat at home will go directly to classrooms.

    All students are to be dropped off in front of the main building. We have adult supervision in addition to our student Safety Patrols to unload cars along the entire sidewalk in front. There is no supervision of students by Building 6 for car line drop off, so for safety, 1st grade students are not to be dropped off there. In the past we have occasionally had a backup in the morning, right turns will help with the safe flow of traffic when exiting the campus.

    Kindergarten – 5th grade Dismissal: Our main goal is to load many children as safely and efficiently as possible by loading seven cars at a time.

    Again, this year, because of the large number of car riders, we will have a second car line in the bus circle (entry off of Pennsylvania Avenue) for siblings of our Ozona PreK students, 3rd, 4th & 5th graders without siblings. Kindergarten – 2nd grade and families will be loaded in the front car circle (entry off of Tampa Road). For example, if you have a 3rd grader and a Kindergartener, they will be picked up together in the front car circle at 2:55 PM.

    The procedures for afternoon pickup are as follows:
    Tampa Road Dismissal:
    Kindergarten Fast Pass!

    Kindergarten car riders only will enter driveway and pull into the left lane marked Kindergarten Only. The first car will stop at the stop sign in the parking lot just before the main building, pull up close to the car behind you. When directed you will transfer up to the front car circle to pick up your child from a numbered spot. Parents may “fast pass” from 2:40 until 2:55. At 2:55 PM, the regular car line is open and any remaining KG parents would use the main car line starting at 2:55 PM.

    If your Kindergartner has a sibling, you can only use the regular car line.

    Car Line Process
    Cars will enter the driveway using the right lane and pull into the mini car loop in front of building 6 (first grade building). The first car will stop at the stop sign in the parking. Pull up close behind the car in front of you. When directed you will transfer up to the front car circle to pick up your child from a numbered spot. Students in 1st grade join all the other students in front of the main building for pickup – do not try to pick them up in front of the classroom (Building 6).

    Please, do not arrive before 2:55 PM. [start of our line is very important – too early and we block traffic on Tampa Road]. Arriving prior to 2:55 interferes with our Kindergarten Fast Pass. We ask for your help in not blocking traffic.

    Please consider making a right hand turn onto Tampa Road as you exit the parking lot. This will help keep the traffic moving to get all of our students home quickly and safely.

    Pennsylvania Avenue Dismissal: You will not be permitted to enter the campus until all vans and buses have been loaded and driven away. We suggest that you not arrive before 3:05 PM. Please note 15 mph school zone. In the event that you arrive and our buses and vans are still present, you will need to wait in the church parking lot next to our school. Parking on the side of the road is not allowed.  We will call you in when we open the driveway.  All the siblings of our Ozona PreK students, 3rd, 4th & 5th graders (without younger siblings) are staged outside the Multipurpose room. Do not arrive prior to 3:05 PM.

    PPK/PreK/VPK Arrival/Dismissal: Our Little Ospreys families (PPK,PreK,VPK) will receive specific arrival and dismissal information from their PPK/PreK/VPK Back to School Night and the Little Ospreys Fast Facts.

    YMCA is available for before & after care. (6:30 AM-6:00 PM) Located in the MPR/cafe’. 
    Registration & information at

    Medication Procedures
    If your child will need to have prescription or over the counter (OTC) medication during school hours, it is important for you to visit the front office prior to school starting.  Both prescription and OTC medications require additional paperwork to be completed by the parent and/or doctor.  Prescription medication may ONLY be brought in by the parent and must be in the original prescription bottle.

    PTA Information
    Please join PTA or renew your PTA membership:
    $8 for an individual membership
    We also have business sponsorship options available.
    Link for membership:
    Chick-Fil-A of Palm Harbor offered a free kids meal voucher for every PTA member that joins this year!
    Memberships can be secured online, or in person cash/check made payable to Ozona PTA.
    Show your school spirit: Purchase your Ozona Osprey magnet separately for $5.00 on Memberhub.
    Join us for our first PTA meeting on August 18th at 6:30 PM. Meeting location: Media Center. Mark your calendars!
    Do you shop on Amazon? Are you using the free Amazon Smile app or website when you do? It's free and easy and an easy way to give back to our school just by using Amazon Smile. Please consider choosing Ozona Elementary PTA as your charity of choice. Thank you for your support!


    Pinellas County Schools is launching a process to help families get ready for the school year The district has consolidated all Back-to-School forms, so parents can fill them out in one place - online. Parents can log into Focus at and complete their Back-to-School Forms packet. They will be prompted to fill out the forms as soon as they log onto Focus. Forms are also available at Please note: Parents must be linked to their student to use the new Focus forms. If they need help with forms, they can contact their child’s school. If they need technical support, ask them to contact the PCS Helpdesk at 727-588-6060.

    Visit the Pinellas County Schools online Back-to-School Guide. Parents will find a link to our online Back-to-School Guide on the home page of our PCS website. The guide includes the student calendar, report card schedules, information about school meals and Back-to-School clinics, and more. The page can also be accessed at

    Go Ospreys!