Commitment to Character

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    "I pledge myself to C2C, respect, responsibility, honesty, self-motivation too. I'll use these traits in all I do."

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What is Commitment to Character?

  • Commitment to Character (C2C) is a program that creates a school culture that is saturated with the character traits of Respect, Responsibility, Honesty, and Self-Motivation in an effort to promote highest student achievement in a safe learning environment.

Why Use C2C?

  • 1. In 2002, the Florida Legislature mandated that character education be taught in all schools K-12 by 2004-2005.
    2. It improves student behavior and leads to highest student achievement.
    3. It promotes a safe-school environment.

    Walsingham Elementary has been a practicing Commitment to Character school since implementing the program in 1996. The Pinellas County C2C logo was designed by Brooke Kane, President of the Student Council, in 1997.