• Bear Creek's Uniform Policy

    At Bear Creek we encourage kids to “dress for success” by wearing uniforms every day. How we dress shows how proud we are of Bear Creek and that we are ready to learn. We want to look smart, act smart, and be smart at school. It is important to check our school uniform policy each year prior to making purchases.

    All students in Pre-K through 5th grade will wear their uniforms daily, except for the following days:
    * Individual school picture day (September)
    * Scout uniforms on meeting days
    * 5th Graders only – Enterprise Village Day & End of Year designated activity days

    Fridays are School T-Shirt Spirit Days! Please support our efforts in increasing spirit on these days by wearing your Bear Creek shirts!

    Consequences for being out of uniform will be shared with families at Open House in August.

    Required Dress Code
    * Collared solid color in navy, light blue or white
    * No designs or patterns on shirts 
    * Must be tucked in at all times

    * Navy blue or khaki shorts, slacks, skirts, skorts, jumpers or capris
    * No jeans, sweatpants, cargo pants or baggy clothing
    * Pants must be worn at waistline. If not, a belt must be worn or zipties will be given to students to use with their pants.

    * Solid color sweatshirts, sweaters, and jackets in navy, light blue or white may be worn.
    * No printing or designs allowed on outerwear
    * Hoods may not be worn inside the classrooms 

    Where Can I Buy Uniforms?
    Uniforms can be purchased at the locations listed below. 
    Most of these stores also have websites to make shopping easier.

    * JC Penney
    * Target
    * Big Kmart
    * Wal-Mart
    * Beall’s
    * Sears

    A good price is found at walmart.com and shipped FREE to your house. The links are below for boys and girls:



    Just copy and paste the above address in your brower and it will take you to the Uniform page of your choice.

    School Uniform Tips
    * Check school uniform policy each year prior to making purchases.
    * PLEASE consider donating uniforms that your child has outgrown back to the school.

    If you need assistance with purchasing school uniforms, please contact our school's social worker in the front office.