Library/ Media/ Technology


    The library media center has over 14,000 books to help our students begin the journey of reading for life! Reading is a gateway to learning and sharing. The library is a place where a student can get information and inspiration!

    Check out our Media Center Homepage for student links and catalog searches

    The mission of the school library media program is :

    1. To be an integral part of Belcher Elementary School and its surrounding community

    2.  To provide collaboration with staff to create authentic learning for all students

    3. To provide quality resources and instruction to students and staff

    4. To encourage staff and students in becoming effective users of ideas and information

    5. To promote life-long reading and learning both for pleasure and for information

    Technology use is highly encouraged at Belcher Elementary. Each general education classroom is equipped with 5 computers. These 5 computers include 4 student stations and 1 teacher station that is used for daily attendance, grade keeping, communication, and various other tasks. The teacher station is not limited to just teacher use, the students also use this computer in some classrooms when it is available. Each teacher station is connected to a document camera and projector and/or SMART board to allow the teacher to create interactive lessons that are more engaging and powerful.  This also allows teachers to interact with new websites, videos and digital content that enhance our curriculum.  

    Belcher Elementary is also equipped with two full service stationary computer labs and 2 rolling computer cart labs; provided by Title I and District Referendum Funds. These labs are equipped with desktop computers and headphone stations for 25  students each. The stationary computer lab also has a SMART board and document camera to enhance the learning experience.  Students may receive lessons and are able to interact with the computers while the lesson is unfolding.  The labs are used by all students as they visit the media center for library media technology lessons.  Teachers also utilize the lab for classroom curriculum enhancement. 

    The Belcher Elementary morning news show, Belcher Bobcat News (BBN), is broadcast live from the Library Media Center each morning over the closed circuit TV system and Video Furnace. For many years this was done at the checkout counter with one camera and one mic, students would walk up to the counter to talk then walk off to be replaced by other students.  We are proud to announce that we have enhanced our  news studio with a state of the art Tri-Castor system that allows us to tape and edit video and play recorded news clips.  While it has become a much more complex operation to put on the program, the new technology and the new additions to the show have made it that much more impressive than before. "Spotlights" throughout the show include News reporters, Books for Bobcats, Spirit Day, Upcoming Belcher events, the daily weather forecast and lunch menus. Fifth grade students run the show and their technical expertise is awesome! Students from all grade levels are given the opportunity to appear on the show throughout the year.