• Azalea Middle School


    Azalea Middle School Dress Code Policy


    Goal: All students come to school with neat and clean attire.


    ·       Rips in clothing must not expose skin

    ·       Undergarments must not be visible

    ·       Cleavage and midriff must be covered

    ·       No inappropriate writing or imaging



    ·       Shirts must cover shoulders (no tank tops or spaghetti straps)

    ·       No see-through or mesh tops regardless of what is worn underneath


    Pants & Shorts

    ·       Must fit at the waist

    ·       Mid-thigh or longer

    ·       No form fitting or spandex fabric or yoga pants


    Skirts and Dresses

    ·      Mid-thigh or longer

    ·      Dress tops must cover shoulders (no spaghetti straps or sleeveless)



     ·      Footwear must have backs

    ·       No flip-flops, slides or slippers

    ·       Prefer closed toes shoes to promote safety

    ·       May wear sandals with back straps



    ·       Jackets, sweatshirts or hoodies must be worn with a school appropriate top underneath.



    ·       Hats and hoods off inside the building

    ·       Bags or purses must be the size of a pencil pouch or smaller

    ·       All electronics including cell phones, headphones and ear buds must be turned off and put away

    ·       All other aspects of the PCSB dress code are in effect (See Code of Student Conduct)

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