Azalea Middle

Home of the Black Knights

6th grade office:

Clerk: Emma Arend: Ext. 2096,

School Counselor: Latiki Poole, Ext. 2088,

Assistant Principal: Erin Harper, Ext. 2098,  HARPERE@PCSB.ORG


7th grade office:

Clerk: Yolanda Davis: Ext. 2071,

School Counselor:  Alison Penna, Ext. 2061,   PENNAA@PCSB.ORG

Assistant Principal: Jason Dudczak , Ext. 2073,   DUDCZAKJ@PCSB.ORG


8th Grade and Gateway to Technology office:

Clerk: Carol Maston: Ext. 2041, 

School Counselor: Julie MacNeal Ext. 2051,

Assistant Principal: Tonya Mitchell, Ext. 2049,  MITCHELLTO@PCSB.ORG