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     InSync Education online


    1,200+ Academic Resources & Activities for Families, Students & Teachers


     Pinellas County Schools invites all parents, students and teachers to use InSync Education online, 24/7! InSync features include:


    •  Math, Social Studies, Science, Language Arts, and College and Career Readiness subject areas
    •  TEXT and AUDIO available in English, Spanish, and Haitian Creole
    •  Homework help and test prep
    •  Study skills and college readiness activities

    To get started:

    • From the Pinellas County Schools website, click on the InSync logo or go to
    • Enter this code: PCSB; and select START.
    • Create your username, password and profile to begin.

    Kahn Academy

    Can be used for remedial mathematics tutorials or to supplement current grade level curriculum
    If they create an account it will track their progress.
    Here is an example

    SAT Prep 
    Pinellas County Schools students have access to an SAT prep site that helps them to prepare for the SAT test. Beginning in 8th grade students can log onto to chart their progress, take practice exams and study for exams.
    Here is a video that talks about the reason we use PSAT in Pinellas County.  It also provides information about
    Can be used for remedial mathematics tutorials or to supplement current grade level curriculum
    If they create an account it will trace their process.

    FCAT Explorer
    FCAT Explorer offers practice on FCAT tested benchmarks in reading & math with immediate feedback for students.
    User id and password same as Destination Math

    PCS Portal
    Offers parents the opportunity to
    Look at your child's grades
    See missing assignments
    Contact teachers with questions
    View attendance

    Ipad/Iphone aPP
    Factor Samurai (Prime or Composite #)
    Math 7 (Monkey games)
    Make Zero (Integers)
    Algebra 1 Textbook is available in iBooks
    Slice It (Geometry)

    World Book Online
    User name: pinellas
    Password: schools
    New resource for Pinellas! Search level appropriate reference articles, journals and magazines

    Brain pop
    Mini movies that teach all subject areas
    Multiple choice quizzes and supplemental activities included in each lesson

    Big Ideas Math 6th, 7th, 8th
    Student companion website
    Choose your grade level
    Student activities
    Parent Page
    Homework Help

    Dimensions U
    Portion to download
    Ability to play other students around country

    Pearson Success Net
    Log into pearson success net
    Chapter 1
    Student Companion, Honors Gold Series
    Lesson 1-1 Student Companion, Honors Gold Series

    Student Companion
    Lesson 1-1 Student Companion

    Think About a Plan
    Lesson 1-1 Think About a Plan

    Practice Form G
    Lesson 1-1 Practice Form G

    Practice Form K
    Lesson 1-1 Practice Form K
    Standardized Test Prep
    Lesson 1-1 Standardized Test Prep

    Homework Video Tutors
    Lesson 1-1: Writing algebraic expressions from words

    Spanish Homework Video Tutors
    Lesson 1-1 Spanish: Writing algebraic expressions from words

    Lesson 1-7 Spanish: Simplifying algebraic expressions with exponents
    Spanish Resources

    Voyager Math Live!
    Username: R2D2 numbers
    Password: student id
    Students can practice computational skills, unlock games, play other students around the world

    Technology at Home: Reading.....Why?
    The format of computer based testing is very different that the traditional pen and paper test.
    Studies have shown than our eyes track the words differently when we are reading online; in an F shaped pattern.

    Students Must Learn and Practice on Computers...What can I do?
    If students are not taught and practice how to read on a computer they will miss much of the text and not be able to answer the questions correctly.

    Have you child read text online at home
    News websites:

    Online games:  this site can help improve vocabulary and grammar. There are many other subjects students can play. As an added bonus for every correct answer gets rice given to countries who have food shortages.
    Civics Department
    Science Department

    • Online and Audio student text book 
    • 6th - Video based projects
    • Digital Lessons
    • Virtual Labs
    • Data Lab and Take home worksheets
    • 7th -Unit self assessments

    Each student can be assigned a
    login and password