GED Online

  • GED Online is an Internet-based interactive course designed to prepare participants for the GED Examination. This low cost online course provides students with the opportunity to learn anytime, in any place, and at any pace from the convenience of a computer. This unique learning experience allows the instructor to communicate regularly via telephone and email. Individualized instruction is provided to accommodate the diverse learning styles of learners. Subject areas include: Language Arts--Reading and Writing (including essay), Mathematics, Science and Social Studies.

    Admission Requirements:

    TABE test scores at 9th grade or above

    Below are the steps you must take to enroll in the GED Online program:

    1. Take the TABE test and score a 9.0 or higher. *Note: There is no cost for the TABE test if you intend to enroll in GED Online. You must bring a photo ID with you. Click here for the TABE Test schedule and locations.
    2. Call Rosena Harris, GED Online Instructor, at 727-893-2500, ext. 2539 for an appointment to discuss your TABE scores.
    3. Get started in your online course.

    If you have questions regarding the program or the enrollment process, call Ms. Harris at 727-893-2500, ext. 2539.