• Curtis Cougars
    Our Mission Statement
    The staff of Curtis Fundamental Elementary will partner with students, parents, and the community to create and maintain a quality and safe learning environment enabling each student to succeed.
    Curtis auditorium
    Curtis History
    Curtis Fundamental Elementary was established in 1976.
    The prevailing thrust then and now is to incorporate
    instructional strategies and curriculum goals into our
    educational program that have proven to be the most
    successful. The primary emphasis at Curtis is on the
    development of attitudes and values about learning that
    promote strong academic success, student responsibility
    and a love of learning.
    School Song

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    Curtis logo Secrets To Success

    Students, parents and teachers agree to adhere to the following:

    *Students will:
    1) Follow the classroom and school discipline plan.
    2) Follow the fundamental school dress code.
    3) Complete assigned homework.

    **Parents will:
    1) Provide transportation for their child.
    2) Attend all PTA meetings.
    3) Attend three parent/teacher conferences each year.
    4) Review and sign all homework.
    5) Support the fundamental program.

    ***Teachers will:
    1) Provide a structured and self-contained environment
    2) Attend all PTA meetings.
    3) Schedule parent conferences.

    All rules and policies will be strictly enforced. Failure of the
    parent or child to adhere to the fundamental school agreement
    in any of the matters listed above may result in the child
    being placed in another school via the current school
    placement plan.