Ticket to Read program

  • What is Ticket to Read?

    Ticket to Read® is an online program that strengthens reading skills and knowledge with stories from social studies and science content areas. It is an enrichment program, not an intervention, but can be used as additional educational resource for students in a variety of settings: student centers, after-school tutoring, at home, in the lab, etc. Watch this short video to learn how Ticket to Read works.

    To access the Ticket to Read, scholars log in with their district username and password that has been provided to them.  An introductory parent video can be found at http://info.voyagerlearning.com/pinellas.


    How Do I Use Ticket to Read?

    1.   Go to http://focus.pcsb.org. Enter your child’s PCS Focus (R2.D2) Username and Password. Click Login.

    2.   On the right side of the next screen, select Ticket to Read under Student Programs.
    Kindergarten students will begin in the Phonics section.
    1st grade students will take the initial test to determine in which section they begin.
    2nd – 5th grade students will begin in the Reading section.


    Where and When Can I Play Ticket to Read?

    You can play anywhere, anytime: at school, home, the library, the rec center—all you need is a computer with Internet access, and you are ready to read!

    iPad user? Go download the new Ticket to Read – Reading app for free on your app store.