• 07-08class Welcome to Our 5th Grade Class Website
    This school year will be the best ever!

    Just think, next year you will be in middle school!

    Therefore, we have a lot of work to do this year!

    Welcome to a very exciting year !!!!.

    Message from Ms. Seybold
    Fifth grade is an exciting and challenging year for all students. We will read many exciting books and study several interesting things. You will become more independent learners. You will begin to take more responsibility for learning and will make better use of agenda books and subject notebooks which will help you become more organized. This site is a great way for your parents to see what is happening in class. I look forward to a rewarding and challenging year, as well as the opportunity to get to know you and your parents.

    This year will be your last at Cross Bayou Elementary. Many of you have been a Bobcat for most of the years of your education. You will be the leaders of our school and will be doing many activities only for fifth graders. Some of these are D.A.R.E., Enterprise Village, the fifth grade breakfast and graduation, Florida Symphony, Kids Network, and safety patrols. Fifth grade recognition includes the PRIDE awards and many opportunities to publish creative writing. Your hard work and great attitudes are the things that make Cross Bayou the best character school in the country.

    I look forward to a wonderful year!!!

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    Thank you for visiting my classroom website. This site has been designed with my students and parents in mind and serves as an additional means of communication. Feel free to explore and visit at any time. This is a work in progress and I plan on updating it frequently. You will find fun links, some of our activities and your work published in this site for you to share with others. You may send me your finished work at anytime through this link.