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    More assistance for Spanish-speaking parents

    A new Spanish Parent Helpline will provide the opportunity for Spanish-speaking parents to connect directly with a member of the ESOL team and learn more about the school district. Bilingual translator Barbara Aguirre will staff the line from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday through Friday. Parents can call (727) 623-4414 with questions during the day or leave messages after hours. All inquiries will be addressed. The ESOL team will introduce the community to the Spanish Parent Helpline by providing fliers to ESOL teachers and bilingual assistants and by working with the Office of Strategic Communications, who will spread the word to local media, including Spanish outlets.



    Wellness, Physical Activity and Nutrition

    The District has increased the emphasis on the Wellness Initiative. Therefore, we must begin implementing and enforcing the District Guidelines for healthy snacks and providing foods with Limited Nutritional Value. We would like to emphasize to parents, which would like to send in food items to their child’s classroom for snacks and celebrations, they must be Healthy Snacks. Please review the following from the Wellness Guidelines.

    D. Nutritional Guidelines for Elementary Schools

    For purposes of these guidelines, an elementary school campus is defined as any campus containing grades preK-5 or any configuration/combination of these grades. Schools containing preK-12 grade levels should follow elementary school guidelines or middle school guidelines.

    1. Foods of Minimal Nutritional Value (FMNV) Policy

    a. Elementary school campuses may not serve or provide access for students to FMNV and all other forms of candy at any time anywhere on school premises including vending machines, school stores and fundraisers until the end of the last scheduled class. State Board of Education Rule 6-7.042(2c). For exemptions see Section IV-G-1.

    2. Nutrition Standards

    a. The following specific nutrition standards pertain to all food and beverages served or made available to students on elementary school campuses with the exception of school meals, which are governed.

    3. Competitive Foods and Snacks

    a. An elementary school campus may not serve competitive foods (or provide access to them through direct or indirect sales) to students anywhere on school premises throughout the school day. This does not pertain to food items made available by the school food services department. State Board of Education Rule 6-7.042(2c)

    b. Elementary classrooms may allow one nutritious snack per day under the teacher’s supervision. The snack may be in the morning or afternoon but may not be at the same time as meal periods for that class. The snack may be provided by the school food services, the teacher, parents or other groups and should be at no cost to students.