SCSI – Seminole Crime Scene Investigators - Are you a fan of mysteries? Like to watch CSI or NCIS? Criminologists use forensic science to solve crimes. This cluster will investigate how law enforcement collects evidence and uses science to solve crimes. We will plan what you're interested in learning about. In the past we have studied footprints, tire tracks, blood spatter patterns, and met a real CSI.

    Spin, Twirl, Dance! - Love music, Love to Dance – Step into the dazzling world of color guard. Learn to create visual movement and dance to tell a story through learning how to dance with flags. Have a ‘spin'tastic time!

    The Green Thumbs - Have you ever wondered what a GREEN THUMB is… Do you like to play in the dirt? Would you like to nurture a plant? Then The Green Thumbs are for you!! We will cultivate gardens around the school, grow, nurture and sell our products.

    Body Fit - Calling all future doctors, nurses and kids who want to be healthy and strong! Do you ever wonder how the human body works? Do you ever wonder how nutrition and exercise keeps a body strong? If you do, this is the cluster for you!

    Hand Talk - Join the fun of learning American Sign Language as we sign and sing along with songs, play games, and produce a short video to share with the school and parents when they visit. We will also watch a funny video that has sign language and speaking. We will also invite a guest speaker to help us learn sign language and about the Deaf culture.

    Inventors Convention - Are you an inventive thinker? Would you like to be? In this cluster we will brainstorm a problem, try to identify many solutions and design an invention to solve the problem. Who knows, you could create a new invention that could improve someone's life or become the next hot product!

    Mathmaniacs – Do you see numbers and patterns everywhere? Do you wish math class lasted an eternity? Come enjoy the company of math minds that get “it”, like you do!

    Solar Power and Your Future – Discover how solar power can impact your daily life and future. What is solar power? What can solar power do for you? In this cluster, you'll get the chance to learn from the experts before researching and creating your own solar powered product.

    Fashion Forward – Do you like fashion? We are going to discover the fashion world. From head to toe we will rule the runways. Come and join the fascinating fashionistas at work!!!!!!

    Card Making - Do you like to make others smile? Are you an encourager? If so, this cluster will give you the opportunity to design and create cards for yourself and others.

    Model Rocketry – You don't have to be a rocket scientist to build a model. Explore if model building is the hobby for you!

    Strategic Learning/Chess Club - Increasing strategic thinking through the playing of chess and other mental defying games.

    Soap Making - Ever wonder how soap is made? In this cluster, we will discover different ways to make soap. The possibilities are endless in this fun cluster!

    Brain Stretch - Increasing strategic thinking through the playing of “brain games”. Come play, create and produce a brain game!

    Say Cheese! - Do you like to take pictures or write stories? Do you love to get creative with a computer using those special snap shots or amazing words? Join the Say Cheese cluster to learn how to take great pictures with a digital camera or device or write great stories/articles. We will also learn how to use these photos or stories/words on the computer to create something awesome.

    Fishing/Boating – Saltwater and Freshwater Fishing – How are they different? We will learn about different types of fish, lures and bait used. We will learn how to use a cast net. Different types of game fish, tides and boater safety.

    Community Involvement – Would you like to take action into the community? Would you like to brighten someone's day by spreading joy or creating art? If so, then this is the cluster for you! Come join ‘Community Involvement.'

    Land of Pets – Do you have a pet? Are you considering getting a pet? Come to the Land of Pets and learn all about different pets and how to take care of them. We might even have some pet visitors. You can make your own virtual pet and take care of it. You might even make a pet rock!

    Sewing and Such - Want to see just how creative you can be? Come paint with sponges on fabric and learn to sew for yourself and make something for someone in need too!

    Jewelry Making - Do you have a creative flare when it comes to jewelry? In this cluster you will create a unique ‘one of a kind' piece through different techniques.

    Working with Clay – Clay artists throughout the ages have invented many ways to shape things out of clay. PINCH – Use your fingers to pinch and poke a single lump of clay into any shape. SLAB – Roll the clay into flat sheets (like a pie crust) to cut apart and assemble. COIL – Roll out long snakes of clay and twist them into coils and shapes and much more when you join this cluster.

    Yoga – Do you want to learn about yoga? Do you like to stretch your muscles and exercise? Do you like to begin your day with a calm workout? Then, Yoga is for you! We will be learning about yoga, practicing yoga and creating our own yoga poses.

    Set Design – Do you like to design? Do you like fashion? Come join our awesome set design group. We will be working on the designs of the future!

    Trash to Treasure - Are you a creative student who loves ART CLASS and making projects? Do you also care about our Earth and our Environment and want to keep our beautiful planet clean? Then Trash to Treasure may be fun for you! We will be recycling, reusing, and creating things from objects people usually throw away like bottles, plastic, and paper. Use your imagination to create a beautiful, lasting treasure.

    Cats – Do you want to know a lot about cats? From fascinating and fun facts to fun crafts to maybe even a special treat. This cluster is all about Cats!!

    It's Showtime! – Do you like watching movies, comparing two of the same movies, or maybe dream of starring in your own action packed adventure? You can explore the world of stories brought to life – recommend your own favorites – create your own film for others to enjoy!! Come to the movies with this cluster – It's Showtime!!

    Knit n' Stitch – Do you have an idea of something you would like to make? Come with your imagination as we create pictures with stitches and scarves out of yarn.

    Fishing – Fishing is a great activity that can be done at any age. It's not hard to learn how to fish; it just takes a little time and practice. We will learn boating safety, how to read maps/charts, fish identification, techniques for fishing and how to clean a fish.