• GradPoint/NovaNet
    Log-in information:  Username is the last name_first name (smith_john); password is first three letters of first name, plus first letter of last name, followed by birth month and date (with no zeros before single digit months) - e.g. if the birthdate is January 24th, the password would be johs124
    10th/11th Grade English Text
    Log-in information:  Username is R2.D2.pinellas/ and password is "s."
    Geometry - Algebra 1 - Algebra 2
    Log-in information:  Hit login at the top right - Hit log in as student -  Search Dunedin High School

    THEN use R2.D2 as username and student number as password.

    Alternate log-in link ... school code PCSD 1081
    PCS Virtual School (Earth Science - Government)
    Log-in information:   Username is R2.D2 and password is "s."

    Digital Information Technology (DIT) & Digital Design

    AESeducation.com (Applied Educational Systems - AES)

    Log-in information: Student should have an "email" and password from class; email teacher prior to 2:15 PM if necessary.


    ADOBE products ONLY.  Microsoft GMetrix is not web-based.

    Log-in information: Students have created accounts in class; email teacher prior to

    2:15 PM if necessary.


    Log-in information: Click "Log in," select "Organization Login," and type pcsb.org - if it doesn't immediately recognize student, log in using R2.D2 and "s." password.