A high school diploma opens up new opportunities!

    The GED Prep program helps students prepare for the GED tests. Classes meet Monday - Friday at Tomlinson Adult, as well as at the Downtown Campus of St. Petersburg College. Using the latest in technology and traditional books, teachers define a learning plan for each student. Most students focus on one subject at a time, take and pass the test, and move on to the next subject. Pinellas Adult Education students lead the state in passing the GED. We can help you get your diploma.  

    You can enter the workforce as a high school graduate, continue your postsecondary education, or perhaps join the military with this valuable credential. Hundreds of people earn their State of Florida High School Diploma after attending Tomlinson’s successful GED program. They are people just like you. No matter when or why you left high school, it’s never too late to get an accredited high school diploma Read Dorothy Wentz's story). 

    Program Description

    Our GED test preparation works to prepare you for each of the four GED subject area tests. They are: 1) Reasoning through Language Arts, 2) Science, 3) Social Studies, and 4) Mathematical Reasoning. Tomlinson’s prescriptive learning model identifies each student’s areas of need and targets instruction to those specific needs.

    Enrollment is open, which means students can begin anytime, not just in August or January. Day and evening classes are available, as well as our Online GED Program. Classes cost $45 for a 6-month term and $5.35 for a school ID.

    Admission and Registration:

    The GED program at Tomlinson’s Mirror Lake campus (296 Mirror Lake Drive, St. Petersburg, Florida 33701) is open to anyone age 16 or older.

    1. To start, come in to the Guidance Office on the first floor or call 727-893-2723. There, you will take a TABE test (Test of Adult Basic Education) to determine your skill levels in reading, math, and language. We test Monday – Friday from 8:00 to 12:30 and Monday – Thursday from 4 to 6:30.You should allow aproximately 4-5 hours for the registration and testing process.

    2. If your scores suggest that you’re not quite ready to work at the GED Prep level, we will design a study program with you to develop and sharpen your skills. With a computer lab loaded with the latest instructional programs, shelves full of resources, and online tools for at home study, our teachers will help you prepare for high school level work

    3. If your skills are at the 9th grade level or above, you are ready for GED Prep.There, you will study for each of the four subject area tests. Most students tackle one subject at a time, but some are ready to take and pass several tests at once. Regardless, at Tomlinson, all instruction is designed around each individual student; our teachers are expert in helping students pass all four GED tests.

    4. When you are ready, your teacher will help you schedule your tests at one of two GED testing sites in Pinellas County. As the GED test is a computer based test, these test sites are designed specifically for GED testing, and testers will usually know their results the same day. The cost for the GED tests is $32 / subject, for a total of $128. Tests can be taken one test at a time, or scheduled together. To test, you will need a government issued ID. (For students under 18, there are a few additional requirements.)

    5. When you pass the GED, you will receive your High School Diploma from the State of Florida. With this diploma you can be admitted to St. Petersburg College, Pinellas Technical College, and many other schools. When filling out job applications and you are asked if you are a high school graduate, the answer is “Yes!” 

    6.Come in… get your diploma… and get going on the next chapter in your story!