• Reupholstery Schedule

    Tues. (8wks) $96 - 9:30-2:00 PM

    Wed. (8wks) $72 - 6:30-9:30 PM



    The classroom instructor will complete admission and registration form with the student on the first day of class in Room 120.
    For more information please contact Tomlinson at (727) 893-2723  

    In the reupholstery class at Tomlinson Adult Learning Center each student will be provided instruction in home furnishing/re-upholstery or basic drapery construction for his/her personal interest and employment.

    The home furnishing and re-upholstering class is a self-sustaining class that offers adult students hands-on experience in re-upholstery and slip cover making. With guided instruction, students will restore or re-upholster their personal furniture, improving the interior and exterior through stripping, sewing, and wood repair. A completed project will result in a quality product that is comparable with or superior to factory-produced furniture.