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  • Media Center

    Mission: To facilitate the highest student achievement by implementing Library Media Services that ensure access to, and effective use of, diverse information and multimedia resources.

    The Media Center at Tomlinson Adult Learning Center features a diverse selection of materials that students can check out or peruse at work tables in the cozy library. The general collection contains books on the following subjects:  animals, art, business, computers, cooking, crafts, health, history, language, philosophy, psychology, religion, science, self-help, social sciences, sports, and technology.

    The collection of non-fiction books includes a wide range of easy-to-read biographies of notable persons including historical and political figures, musicians, inventors, sports personalities, writers, and many more types.

    Career Education
    Many students attend Tomlinson to better their career opportunities, and the library’s collection reflects this focus. A special section is devoted to books describing a wide range of career fields with educational requirements and salary information.

    Children’s Literature
    A modest collection of children’s books and E-Z readers is available for beginning English students to develop their reading and comprehension skills. These books can be checked out and taken home to be shared with family members too.

    A substantial portion of the collection contains classic literary fiction as well as romance novels, mysteries, science fiction/fantasy, and young adult literature.

    GED Texts
    GED testing skills can be strengthened through the use of various texts on the subjects that are covered in the GED test, namely writing, reading, math, science, and social studies. There are also several books of sample practice tests questions that can be studied in the library.

    International Studies
    ESOL students enjoy learning about each other’s countries, while GED students build their geography and social studies skills, when choosing from the library’s large selection of books on the world’s countries. Many of these books are heavily pictorial, making them an excellent choice for students with developing English skills.
    Periodicals, that students can borrow to take home and share with their families, may be read for pleasure and information. They include Cooking Light, Consumer Reports, Ebony, Fitness, Money, Southern Living, Tampa Bay Magazine, and others. Several Spanish language magazines are available too.

    Copies of daily issues of The Tampa Bay Times and The Wall Street Journal are available.

    Online Services
    Students can access a variety of online tools to research school projects, search for jobs, check email, and browse the Web. Students may use the library’s computers to type their school assignments, create resumes and print information. 

    Reference Books
    A core reference section includes almanacs, encyclopedias, and pictorial dictionaries for use in the library.