• For information about how to volunteer please contact:

    Barbara Riddle - Dvorak
    Volunteer Coordinator


    email: riddle-dvorakb@pcsb.org


    Tomlinson has many volunteers working with adult students. Many become reading tutors and work with students on a one-on-one basis, helping them to improve their reading skills.

    In the words on one of the tutors, “It’s hard to imagine the satisfaction you can get from helping someone learn to read. It opens so many doors for them, and is truly a life-changing experience.”

    To see the difference that a volunteer can make in a student's life, click here to read a recent article from the Green Bench Monthly.  

    Through a partnership with the Literacy Council of St. Petersburg, volunteers receive a 1-1/2 day training session. The training session is structured to guide the volunteer and student through a series of building blocks to develop the skills needed for good reading. After the training, a student is selected, and the volunteer and student determine a schedule which works for both. Learning materials are provided. Volunteers also teach beginning speaking and reading to ESOL students from other countries as well as help out in our GED classrooms with subjects such as Math, Science, and Social Studies.

    All tutors need to complete a "Volunteer Registration" form and bring in a valid picture identification card. The volunteer coordinator will submit the form to the central administration in Largo for a national background check.