• You can earn cash and other supplies for Sanderlin by doing some very simple things! Every little bit helps! Thank you!!
    target Target Red Card School ID # 118961 Get a Target check card or credit card and designate James B. Sanderlin as your school. Target donates 1% of purchase back to James B. Sanderlin PK-8. Click here to enroll.
    officedepot Office Depot School ID # 70201956 James B. Sanderlin PK-8 gets 5% of purchase back in gift cards. For more info, click here.
    boxtops Box Tops for Education Each box top earns $0.10 up to $20,000 Please turn in weekly, so they can be processed for shipping on a regular basis.
    labels Campbells/Pepperidge Farm Labels for Education Send in with your student Cut carefully along the dotted line, making sure to get the UPC #.
    Recycling Recycling Collection bins located in front parking lot We recycle aluminum, paper, cardboard, clothing, and shoes.
    Ink Cartridges Ink Cartridges Send in with your student Used ink and laser toner cartridges, old PDA's, may be sent in for recycling.
    recycle Hands on Recycling   Your place of employment can help us by sponsoring our school with your business's used/empty laser/ink jet cartridges. Hands on Recycling will happily pick them up from your business. Sign up today, click here