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    Mr. Mastorides
    Dear all,

    It is with great pride that I welcome you to Clearwater High School. Our building is home to almost 2,000 students in grades nine through twelve, and has over 170 staff members. Over 20% of the staff, including myself are alumni. At all hours of the day and night, the building is alive with the sound of people learning, working, playing, laughing and enjoying educational activities, athletic events, musical performances, art exhibitions and so forth. We believe in the words tradition, honor and pride while building rigor relevance and relationships in our school. We take our traditions seriously, honor each other, and take pride in ourselves and our school.

    During an average day, students and staff can be seen reviewing classroom lessons, studying for exams, working together on club initiatives, planning field trips, or working on group or individual projects. Our dedicated faculty works incredibly hard to demonstrate exceptional teaching reflective of the best practice in education and also to provide as many extra help opportunities for students who are struggling and for students who wish to be challenged at higher levels. Some students can be found working with teachers before first period, as well as, throughout the day, after school, and into the evenings. Our staff is continually exploring ways to improve the delivery of classroom instruction.

    For the third time, Clearwater High School has been recognized as a Model School by the International Center for Leadership in Education (ICLE). Hundreds of schools apply, and approximately twenty of the nation’s highest performing and rapidly improving schools are accepted as models. Also, two year's in a row, The Washington Post has rated Clearwater High School as the most rigorous High School in Pinellas County! We were ranked 1st in Pinellas County, 49th in the state, 235th in the nation! The Career Academy for International Culture and Commerce (CAICC) has been designated a MODEL Academy by the National Career Academy Coalition (N.C.A.C.)!

    Perhaps what is most important is the notion that everyone needs to feel connected to someone or something to be a productive member of that group. I see that idea come to life on a daily basis in my role as principal. Students are encouraged to find their passion and connect with the person or people who are involved with that activity. With a wonderfully committed faculty, over fifty sports teams and fifty club offerings at Clearwater High School, I would like to think there is something for everyone.

    What has impressed me most though, is the maturity our students demonstrate, and the consistent theme of acceptance that is evident among our student body. We recognize that our school community is a microcosm of “the real world” and we understand that we must respect each other and learn to live together in peace and harmony. The mission of Clearwater High School is to provide an educational process, which gives students the information and skills needed to develop a foundation for life that enables and challenges them to be successful in a global and multicultural society.

    Clearwater High School utilizes a “Wall to Wall” Academy model with industry certification and dual enrollment opportunities. Upon entering our school, our students will choose an academy with a themed approach. This is an exciting opportunity for our students! Please click on the link above to find out more about our “Wall to Wall” Academy model. Along with dual enrollment and Advance Placement course work, our student can take courses in the renowned Cambridge AICE program. Please click on the AICE link for more information. We are the only school in Pinellas county to have a partnership with Embry-Riddle University. Students at our school can earn college credits from them, as well as a ground pilot's license! Please click on the CASA link for more information.  

    It is extremely important that your student attends school daily and that you are actively involved with their progress. I encourage you to use our on-line service, Focus to monitor your child's progression. Simply contact your guidance counselor and get the information you need to start using it! We need everyone's assistance to educate our students! Therefore, we encourage you to get involved with our school. Please call us and get involved!


    Keith Mastorides

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