• ·         Level II Information follow Link:  https://www.pcsb.org/Page/12334

     The Level II process for ALL Chaperones driving our students, Volunteer Coaches that are not a Level II, and Overnight Field Trip Volunteers.  ALL Volunteers must be a registered volunteer in the County System BEFORE finger printing is done.

    There are many opportunities for parents, businesses, and community members to become involved in our school. We welcome volunteers in many areas of Clearwater High's activities.

    Some of the arenas in which volunteers are needed are: working directly with students as a tutor or mentor, assisting in classrooms, performing clerical tasks, serving on our PTSA or School Advisory Council, working with our booster clubs and other organizations, chaperoning for school events or field trips and in many other areas.

    Mr. Leslie Hopkins, Assistant Principal, and Martine Ward is the Family and Community Liaison.


    STEP 1 Login to NEW Focus/SIS web address: https://focus.pcsb.org/volunteer/

                          PLEASE use Fire Fox  from a computer for accurate information.

    STEP2            Log in to using your v.account (v. last name first initial – all lowercase)

    (OR, last name, second initial or third initial or fourth initial if more than one of same name)

    Username Example: v.smithd                 _________________________________    


                Password Last Name (first letter capitalized) immediately followed by 4-digit birth year. 

    Password Example Smith1975  __________________________________

    STEP 3            Enter Hours:

    STEP4:           Enter Information for volunteer hours

    STEP 5:          Click  “SAVE” Top Right Corner of page

    STEP 6:          “LOG OUT” in bottom right hand corner  


                                         To Re-Activate your volunteer profile

    Step 1: Follow Steps 1-3 and answer the bulleted questions.  Please take time to update any new information. SAVE and Log Out.


    Not sure what your password is? Email Tina Ward at wardma@pcsb.org or call the school.

    Do not attempt to sign in more than 3 times or it will lock you out of the volunteer system. You can call Tina Ward and she will help to get sign in issues resolved.

    Martine Ward

    Family and Community Liaison

    Clearwater High School, 540 So. Hercules Ave., Clearwater, Fl. 33764

    727-298-1620 ext.2045    /     wardma@pcsb.org