School volunteers are people just like you -- community members, parents, grandparents, students, business people and seniors – who have discovered that spending time and sharing talents with adult students is an energizing and worthwhile experience. Being a school volunteer doesn't require any special skills – you simply need to be yourself. As you share your time and skills, you can help change students' lives.


    Palm Harbor Community School has received this annual award from the Florida Department of Education for the last five years.  This recognition is due to the outstanding volunteers in our school, the incredible number of hours they serve our students and teachers, and the work of our amazing community/volunteer liaison, Colleen Linning.  The fact that the number of volunteer hours is at least twice that of our school enrollment shows the power of the gift of time.


    Many of our volunteers have been an integral part of our school for many years and have become a part of the Palm Harbor Community School family.  We are honored to have the benefit of their devotion and dedication to our students and staff!



    Our school has had several finalists in the Pinellas County Schools Outstanding School Volunteers since 2009.  We are proud of the following people whose time and commitment to our students is immeasurable.  They represent the amazing group of dedicated volunteers at each of our sites.


    2009 - James Ditz

    2010 - Patricia Coughlin

    2012 - Ray Miller

    2013 - Michael Chambers

    2014 - Michael Laskey

    2015 - Lorraine Lemire


    Mr. Laskey has been tutoring high school students in mathematics since the school opened in 1996.  As an engineer, he brings high level mathematics skills to the tutoring sessions and helps any student from beginning to advanced mathematics.  He is also available to tutor adult students and those preparing for the GED exam.  His tutoring has increased student performance and supported the high school graduation rate for years.  He is truly one of our treasures.