High School CEEB Code 100925

Guidance Staff Responsibility Email Extension
Kate Pellin Last Name: A - I pellink@pcsb.org 2063
Caiti Wolfe Last Name: J - Ma & International Baccalaureate (IB) Program wolfecai@pcsb.org 2062
Lauren Poggiali Mb - Z poggialil@pcsb.org 2060
Sam Fitzjarrald ExCEL Program fitzjarralds@pcsb.org 2105
  •  Frequently Asked Questions:

    How does a student meet with his/her guidance counselor?
    Students should come to the guidance office BEFORE school, AFTER school or DURING LUNCH to pick-up and complete a Request to See Your Guidance Counselor form to make an appointment.  Please do not come up during a class period as the guidance counselors are not always available.  Complete the request form as completely as possible including contact email addresses and cell phone numbers.  Drop the form into the door box of your guidance counselor.  Your guidance counselor will call each student up for a meeting as quickly as possible.  Most students will be seen the same day or within 24 hours. 
    How do I arrange a parent/teacher conference?
    Contact your child's guidance counselor.  Your guidance counselor will set-up a conference with your child's teachers.  Sometimes issues can be solved as easily as emailing the teacher.  Using your Focus ID and password, parents can see current grades, assignment grades, attendance and click a box to quickly email your child's teacher.
    How can I change my current schedule? 
    Current schedules are determined by the student's course request and by the courses offered by the school.  Course requests may be changed up to the last day of school during the previous year.  Students should consider the course request document as their contract for the following year.  Each alternative listed should be a course of interest as the last item on the list may be the only course which will work to complete the student's schedule.  The courses offered by the school may be influenced by the number of students who requested the course or by the personnel currently employed at Largo High School.  Courses with limited interest may not "make" the final course offerings and courses with too many requests (like Driver's Education) may be capped at a maximum population.  Changes will be made if the student has already achieved credit in the course or if the student has not met the prerequisite requirement for the course. Please keep these points in mind when requesting a schedule change.
    How do I volunteer for Bright Futures hours? 
    See page under "Academics" dropdown box.
    When is the ACT/SAT and can I get a waiver? 
    See the links on this page to view the current testing schedule for each program.  There are a limited number of waivers to cover the cost of testing.  See your guidance counselor for a waiver by completing a Request to See Your Guidance Counselor form. 
    Information on the SAT Redesign - 
    The SAT is changing in January to a new design. SAT Redesign Read the following PDF and visit their web page at:  www.collegeboard.org for more information. 
    The SAT, New SAT & ACT Comparison - 
    Click here to view a flyer comparing old SAT, new SAT and ACT.  Old SAT vs New SAT Infographic 
    Where can I get information on Early College, Early Admission or taking part-time SPC?
    The deadline for Early College/Early Admission for the 2016 - 2017 school year has past.