•               STEM/STEAM  


    Our STEM/STEAM clubs were created for those students with an interest in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math).  Our mission is to engage our members in project based learning in order to provoke their intellectual capabilities and curiosities in STEM and STEAM.


    5th Grade Robotics Club

    Hosted by Ms. Payne & Ms. Anderson

    The robotics club is for fourth and fifth grade students, who want to learn real-world engineering by building and programming a LEGO-based robot to complete tasks in order to compete in the First Lego League.  You can find out more about this league at www.usfirst.org/roboticsprograms/fll.  In order to compete in the First Lego League this team can only consist of 10 students so you may want to consider a second choice STEM club.



    3rd Grade Principles of Engineering

    Hosted by Ms. Gage

    Members of this STEM Club will be given opportunities to explore the work engineers do in a variety of fields (electrical, mechanical, structural, chemical, computer…) and how they do it, with problem based learning tasks. They will work with simple and motorized machines using LEGO kits, build simple circuits, build structures, and engage in the engineering design cycle through participation in various club competitions. This STEM Club is open to third grade students with a positive learning attitude.



    2nd Grade Coding/Robotic Models

    Hosted by Ms. Anderson & Ms. Teixeira

    Members in this club learn and use coding skills as they build and robotic models with LEGO WeDo kits and curriculum.  Students use gears, pulleys, motors, and different types of sensors to construct models.