Academic Competitions

  • Ridgecrest students have opportunities to participate in academic and arts related competitions. These activities allow our students to showcase and earn recognition for their academic efforts and talents.

    Team events that students may be eligible to participate in consist of the following:

    • Annual Mighty Mu Math Competition (4th and 5th Graders)
    • Math Mania Days (5th Grade Students)
    • Gifted Math Meet (Grades 4 and 5)
    • Creativity Olympics
    • Battle of the Books (Grades 3-5)
    • Educational Media Awards

    Individual competitions/expositions that students may have the opportunity to participate in consist of the following:

    • PTA sponsored Reflections Arts competition (all grade levels- categories include literature, visual arts, music and dance composition)
    • Cross Creek Chronicle literary magazine publication
    • Pride Awards in Math, Science, Social Studies, and Writing (Fifth Grade)
    • Largo Library Writing Contest
    • School Science Fair and District Science Showcase
    • National Geographic Geography Bee