The philosophy of PSS is to provide a positive, proactive learning and supportive environment, with clearly delineated boundaries, for all of the students we serve. We believe that positive response to the challenges in the lives of our students is the best approach for success. Our goal is to help students navigate towards personal success by encouraging them to accept responsibility for their behavior in order to achieve academic success. 
    At Pinellas Secondary School academic learning is focused on state standards and the individual educational needs, academic levels, and credit needs of our students. Although Pinellas Secondary does not offer a full array of classes that may be offered from students’ sending schools, course selections may be enhanced by Nova Net Grad Point, Port of Entry, or Florida Virtual School.
     We employ a three-pronged approach to the successful remediation of our students: 
    1) assessment and diagnosis 
    2) challenge just above the student’s level 
    3) remediation and course accommodation as indicated 
    Small class sizes contribute to our ability to be able to individually re-mediate all of our students during their stay with us. This approach has proven successful with both our regular education and special education students.