Dress Code

  • Pinellas Secondary School Dress Code-ID's, Shirts, and Sweaters
    Dress code 1 Pinellas Secondary School Daily Dress Code
    Please make sure the Dress Code is followed on a daily basis. Parents will be contacted if and when their student arrives to school out of Dress Code. If you have any questions or concerns,
    please contact us at
    Pants Pants and Belts
    Only RELAXED fit KHAKI pants that extend below the knee or longer are allowed. Pants must have belt loops, be belted, and there may be NO printing, embroidery, logo, cargo pockets, or designs. Cargo pants, jeans, corduroy, spandex, jersey, or other tight fitting or oversized pants are NOT allowed. All pants must be hemmed and MUST be worn at the waist.

    A simple, plain BLACK or BROWN belt, with a simple, traditional buckle must be worn. 
    NO large or ornate belt buckles are allowed.
    New Shoes Shoes, Shoes, Shoes.
    Shoes must be black, white or brown sneakers or dress shoes. 

    Students may NOT wear or bring any rings, bracelets, necklaces or other jewelry to school. If a student brings any of these items to school, the items will be confiscated and held for a parent to retrieve.

    Lunches may be brought in clear plastic bags with names printed on them. 
    No bottles of any kind, including water, may be brought into the building.
    DO NOT bring any BACKPACKS, PURSES, wallets, hats, headbands, dew rags, makeup, markers, sharpies etc. Only pens, pencils and lunch money may be brought to school.
    Cell phones, CD’s, and mp3 players are allowed; HOWEVER, they are to be kept OFF AND OUT OF SIGHT at all times during the school day. If a student has any of these items in their possession during the school day, the items will be confiscated. 
    ID's Students will receive and keep their ID's at School.
    When issued, the ID is to be worn outside the shirt, on the lanyard, in the chest area at ALL times. It is part of the dress code.
    New Shirt Shirts must be tucked in at ALL TIMES!
    High School and Middle School
    Collared shirts with long sleeves or full short sleeves (not cap sleeves) with NO pockets, printing, embroidery, or designs are allowed to be worn. They must be TUCKED IN AT ALL times so that the belt shows all the way around.
    (High School) - Black Collared Shirts
    (Middle School) - White Collared Shirts

    Only plain BLACK (or White for Middle School)sweatshirts or sweaters – with NO hoods, pockets, printing or design -- may be worn in school. Jackets and coats are not allowed in school. If worn to school, they must be placed in a locker upon arrival and they must be kept there for the duration of the day.
    No Cell Phones
    Electronic Device(s) will be collected before students are able to enter the building and/or go to class.

    Students are required to turn in all electronic device(s) prior to entering the school.

    Students who enter from the front office an Administrator or Behavior Specialist will collect their electronic device(s) before they are allowed to go to class.

    Any student who chooses not to follow the cell phone policy and/or is found in possession of an electronic device(s) are subject to the following: 


    • Behavior Specialist will be notified and item(s) will be collected.
    • Behavior Specialist will contact Parent/Guardian.