• The Mathematics Department at Pinellas Secondary School is committed to teaching, encouraging and improving the academic level of our students. Now that EOC (End of Course) testing is so important in our grading and evaluation system, we are working to help all students achieve passing scores.

    High school students are required to take four years of high school math in order to meet graduation requirements. Students are advised to take Algebra 1, Liberal Arts Math 1, Geometry, Liberal Arts Math 2, Algebra 2 and/or one more math class in order to meet the basic requirements of entrance to a college or university or technical school. As our students enter our school throughout the semester, our guidance counselors make the best possible placement for our students in math classes that will help them stay on track for their academic success.

    The members of the Mathematics Department have a deep commitment to PSS as evidenced by their involvement in workshops, online coursework from home, providing mathematics “boot camps” for test prep, and department meetings for sharing best teaching practices. Each teacher wants to maintain an open line of communication with both students and parents. Parents have the opportunity to use Portal to check their child’s grades and absences. If there is a problem, the department requests they contact the guidance office and schedule an appointment to discuss their student’s progress.