Technology Education

  • C-Tech’s training programs are designed to excite students through hands-on engagement while preparing them for the workforce. Our turnkey training model provides instructors with a pre-written curriculum, lesson plans, interactive workstations, and professional development training. C-Tech has established a network of Training Facilities across the nation. These facilities have successfully certified over 100,000 students for high-wage, in-demand careers.


    Communication Technology?
    The purpose of this program is to provide students with a foundation of knowledge and technically oriented experiences in the study of communications technology. This program focuses on transferable skills and stresses understanding and demonstration of the technological tools, machines, instruments, materials, processes and systems in business and industry. Communications Technology represents the current and expanding digital technology. The content includes, but is not limited to a study of the processes, uses, and technical skills found in visual technologies (both conventional and digital procedures), multimedia production, computer animation and graphics, web page design, electronic media and other new and emerging technologies.
    Intro to Technology?
    The purpose of this course is to introduce students to the kinds and levels of work performed in today's and the future's technological world. Laboratory experiences revolve around electronics, computer applications, and the technology systems of communications, computer animation, robotics, flight, bridge building, and transportation which will allow students to explore the requisites and special skills for careers in our technological world. The content also includes the study of the technological world with emphasis on organization, functions, occupations, special skills, safety, human relations, leadership, and evolving technologies.